10 Great Resources for Wintery Lesson Plans

Christmas is done and dusted, and the New Year’s parties have fizzled out. It’s likely that you’re back at work, and, if you’re teaching, there’s a chance that you’re feeling somewhat less inspired without the myriad creative ideas that the festive season offers.

January doesn’t have to be a bleak month, though; we’ve brought together some of our favourite ideas for incorporating the chilly weather into lesson plans. These ideas are targeted towards primary school age children, but there’s no reason they couldn’t be adapted!

1. Milk bottle igloos
If you have a fairly large class or school, gathering milk cartons for this shouldn’t be too arduous, and the result is certainly worth talking about!

2. Winter poems
The icy weather presents a great opportunity to get creative with words; this resource from TES focuses on rhyming poetry.

3. Winter nature walk
If it’s dry outside, there’s no reason you can’t wrap up and get closer to nature! The sights and sounds on a winter nature walk will be different to those in summer, so encourage your class to engage with what’s around them.

4. Journey Sticks
Following on from the nature walk theme, this fantastic idea involves making a keepsake using items that you find in nature. Perhaps another one to try across the seasons?

School Planner winter blog post
Credit: growingfamily.co.uk

5. Sparkly Icicles
We’re sorry; we couldn’t resist including something a little bit sparkly. No matter how you feel about glitter (and how messy it is), you can’t deny these simple-to-make icicles are quite striking and will fill the decorative gap left by the absence of Christmas trees!

School Planner winter blog post
Credit: kidscraftroom.com

6. Winter labels/flash cards
Use these labels as prompts for creative activities, or as a display.

7. Winter PowerPoint
This great PowerPoint from Twinkl goes into a little more depth about the season of winter and uses great imagery to inspire discussion.

The last few ideas all involve snowmen – there’s an abundance of ideas involving these frosty friends, and we couldn’t narrow down our favourites any further!

8. Snowmen at night creative writing
We love the way this provokes imagination, asking children to speculate on what snowmen might do when the rest of us are asleep…

9. Snowman button counting
Practical, fun, and colourful!

School Planner winter blog post
Credit: childcareland.com

10. Snowman names
This is a little more decorative than educational, but you could adapt it to reflect the literacy lessons you are currently working on in the classroom.

Brr, chilly! Have any of these wintery activities resonated with you? We’d love to see some of them in action; share your own ideas with us!