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Monthly Archives: September 2016

A Social Minefield? The Policy That Can’t Be Ignored

It’s probably already ingrained in the lives of the majority of your pupils and most of your teaching staff. It’s something they think about first thing in the morning, they talk about it intermittently during the day, and they will most likely spend the evening using it. ‘It’ is social media, and if it’s not already on your radar then you’re behind the times, like way behind the times....

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Have You Thanked Your TA Recently? #NationalTADay – 16th September

When you reflect back on your school days, do you remember there being more than one adult in the classroom at times? Maybe you had a bit of extra support with subjects that you found challenging? Was there someone who wasn’t a teacher you knew you could go to for support? Then you’ve more than likely come into contact with a Teaching Assistant, a stalwart of UK classrooms. September 16th marks National Teaching Assistants' Day, a chance to celebrate all that these professionals do to support teachers and students....

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