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Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Growth Mindset in Education

“I can’t do it”. Sometimes, this pessimistic four-word mantra can be difficult to brush aside. It’s all too easy to believe that the 5k run you foolishly agreed to, the 50,000 word writing challenge you signed up for on a whimsy, or even an average Thursday morning lesson with the class from hell are insurmountable obstacles, designed to waste your time and embarrass your ego. In many cases, this might be true. You can’t possibly run that far, or for that long. Yet. I can’t do it yet....

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Celebrating Children’s Books: The Children’s Laureate

Do your students know what a laureate is? This week, Lauren Child (author and illustrator of popular children’s book Charlie & Lola), was announced as the new children’s laureate for the UK. The award was only created in 1999, whereas the history of the poet laureate dates back to the early 1600s; making this relatively new role a significant one in the promotion of children’s literature. Rather than focusing on poetry, a children’s laureate can also be an illustrator, as well as or instead of an author. What is a poet laureate? Traditionally, a poet laureate is appointed by the monarchy to...

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