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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Paper Vs Digital – A Possible Solution?

After a few weeks away from the topic, we're back to our paper vs planner investigation (part 1 here, part 2 here). We've had a look at the headlines that pit digital and paper against each other, and we've looked in depth at the mechanics of learning on paper versus learning using a screen. As well as being a better option for children to develop memory recall skills, physical note taking is arguably the more 'healthy' option, with studies showing that prolonged exposure to the blue light of mobile devices can be detrimental to general well-being. The current generation of children...

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We’re Education Resource Awards 2018 Finalists

We’re excited to announce that our Customised Exercise Book product is a finalist for two categories of the 2018 Education Resources Awards! We’ve scooped a finalist position for the Secondary Resource or Equipment – Non-ICT and General Classroom Resource categories, and we’ll be up against some stiff competition when the winners are announced on the 16th of March. In 2006, we entered our fledgling customised planner business in the ERA, and were pleasantly surprised to win an award. Hopefully we can repeat that success with this year’s entry! You can find out more about our customised exercise books here....

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Grief: A Layer Of Mental Health We Should Be Talking About

Does anyone know how to talk to a child about grief and loss? It's a sincere question, because I certainly don't have the answer. I can only use my own experience to inform my past-self which perhaps isn't as helpful as I like to imagine. One thing I wish I had known as a child experiencing grief was that talking about it doesn't have to be awkward, and it's not something that an adult will consider to be an inappropriate topic. The amount of resources out there is heartening; I hope that other people find them useful and supportive. Heads Together...

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