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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Sparking Trends In The Classroom With Google Trends

I spend a decent amount of time each week researching content for both our website and blog, as well as to stay on top of what's happening in education and this week has been no different. After browsing the usual sites and Twitter accounts, I found myself back at an old favourite; Google Trends. A couple of 'oo, that's interesting!' exclamations and a few "huh" noises later, I've managed to lose the best part of an hour clicking through different topics and metrics, fascinated by the sheer level of data. I was feeling inspired, but still had no topic to...

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Award-Winning Customised Exercise Books

  We’re thrilled to announce that our Customised Exercise Book product has won the well-established Education Resources Award 2018 for best general classroom resource, beating out Staedtler, Helix Maped, and Scanning Pens! Now in their 19th year, these awards are widely recognised as a sign of excellence in the education resources industry. The awards highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services, and people, as well as the best educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession. We last won an ERA award in 2006, in the Supplier of the Year 1m-3m turnover category, and are...

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What’s Happening This Week

British Science Week We’re halfway through British Science Week, a 10-day celebration of STEM subjects. It’s easy to get your students involved. There’s a variety of downloadable activity packs for all ages based around this year’s theme – exploration and discovery. You can check them out here. There’s also a poster competition for kids around the theme of exploration and discovery– the perfect form-time task! You can find more information here. Shakespeare Week Primary teachers rejoice! Shakespeare week have published hundreds of free cross-curricular resources for primary-aged children. Last year, we published our list of popular Shakespearean phrases. You can access that resource here....

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An Educator’s Guide to Protecting Children Online

What effect has growing up in the information age had on our students? As the digital and physical worlds collide, it’s the lives of the youngest members of our society that have been most affected. They have grown up with access to an infinitely expanding reserve of information and entertainment. It’s easy to see how the lines between the digital and real worlds can blur. However, societal change is natural; if children are sufficiently protected and guided in their use of new technologies, the digital world doesn’t have to be viewed in a negative light. As educators, one of the most important things...

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