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Monthly Archives: April 2018

A Sixth Former’s Experience Working at SPC

I’m a sixth form student in year 12, and when I heard we were expected to do more work experience (since my last experience in year 10), I groaned like everyone else. This meant more worrying about finding a placement, more making phone calls with receptionists who broke promises to follow them up, more disinterested members of human resources. And so, this was what I initially got; research a place near enough, call them up, wait for a follow-up, follow them up myself where I find that they ultimately refused me. That was until I came across Mimeo; a printing...

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A Student’s Perspective on Setting Homework and Marking Tips

Today's blog was written by Chris Walsh, a Year 12 student visiting the SPC offices on work experience. He's presented some interesting and potentially helpful points on setting and marking homework.   The debate over whether or not homework is useful has raged on for quite possibly over a century, and will continue to be debated for another. Even I myself made a presentation about it for English Language class. Any stakeholder in education has an opinion: parents, teachers, students, even inspectors. But none of this actually helps teachers; schools rarely address the issue, and some issue minimums for how much homework is...

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The Ultimate Guide to Teacher Stress Relief

We are in the grip of a teacher stress epidemic. 3,750 teachers were signed off on long-term sick leave last year due to stress. That’s one in every 83 teachers, so chances are, you already know somebody who’s at the tipping point. In fact, 75% of teachers report high levels of stress, which is a significant margin over other occupations. The outcome is clear: teachers – particularly NQTs – are leaving the profession in droves. All statistics point to teacher stress being a negative thing, but the fact is, being subjected to some stress can be good for you. It can push...

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Encouraging Students to Volunteer

The 15th of April is International Microvolunteering Day 2018, and it provides a great opportunity for students to get involved. The initiative offers volunteers 'bite-sized, on-demand, no-commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause', which can range from playing free video games to contribute to scientific research, 5-minute volunteering opportunities, and even volunteering from your smartphone. Small, easily digestible chunks of volunteering, or microvolunteering as it has come to be known, are a great way to hit students with the altruism bug and inspire them to take on richer volunteering experiences in their local community. But how do you get them to take...

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How to Help Students Get the Most from Holiday Revision

How much Easter revision is too much for a secondary school student? How about seven hours a day? With the advent of the Easter holidays, revision – and how much each student actually does – has once again become a hot topic. A press release published on the Independent Schools Council website argues the case for seven hours of Easter revision per day for GCSE and A-Level students. Advice like this will always be polarising. Some have condemned it as a draconian stance, whereas others have praised it as sage advice. While we may not agree on how much time students should dedicate to...

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