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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Securing Additional Teaching Pay with TLRs

Average classroom teaching wages have received a £2,500 pay cut in real terms over seven years. Annual pay reviews haven’t risen at the same rate as inflation, and it’s leaving a lot of teaching staff underpaid and overworked. It’s not just schools that have to look for additional funding these days; teachers also have to look for additional ways to augment their salary to make up this deficit. When you consider the stack of marking you crush through every night, you’re already working a second job – so that’s out of the question. Fortunately, as a classroom teacher, there are ways...

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Closing the Digital Skills Gap

How many mobile phones have you confiscated this term alone? An annual computing education report from the University of Roehampton has found that only 12% of this year’s GCSE students have opted to study Computing to GCSE level; more worryingly, only 2.7% have continued this through to A-Level. This may seem like an odd statistic when you consider the small stack of impounded phones sitting in your desk drawer. Almost all children enjoy the benefits of modern computing technology, but it seems that very few of them are actively engaging in learning how to advance computing and use it to create something...

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Promoting Football in Schools Without a Budget

Health and wellbeing is a key issue in today’s schools, and its importance is supported by a wealth of pedagogical publications. Schools are turning towards health and wellbeing programmes to help them boost attainment and students’ grades, but without the proper funding, these attempts often fall short of the mark. Culturally, Britain is sport-obsessed, but this doesn’t always translate to a school environment. There’s no doubt that more can be done to address this, but how can we improve sports provision – and, in turn, student health and wellbeing – without breaking the budget? With the advent of the FIFA World Cup,...

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Supporting GCSE and BTEC Students Through Examination Stress

We spend so much time focusing on the outcome of examinations and students’ results, it’s easy to forget about the impact this is having on their mental health. In this country, 80% of young people believe that exam pressure has significantly impacted on their mental health. When you consider that three quarters of long-term mental health issues start in childhood, that’s indicative of a huge problem facing today’s youth. Recent and ongoing reforms to GCSE examinations are compounding the issue, and many pupils feel they are left in limbo by the confusion this has caused. Unfortunately, it looks like the situation...

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