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5 Timeless Exam Tips That Will Always Be Relevant

Exam season is well and truly underway, so while revision tips and exam techniques are probably already outdated for this term, it’s still a good time to review the support that is extended to pupils that will be sitting exams in the future. No matter the level or subject, there are some strong foundation-level tips that remain timeless; perhaps these tips would translate well into a planner page for a year 11 planner? We’ve highlighted five.

Practise Self-Care
We could probably all benefit from taking a little more time to look after ourselves, and it’s important to remind students to do the same. With pressure piled on around exam time (often self-inflicted), it can be far too easy for students to neglect their basic needs like sleep and hydration. It’s vital to remind them (and teachers, too, actually) that getting some additional shut-eye isn’t shirking revision time – brains need rest too.

Don’t Leave Revision Until The Last Minute
Of course, it can be too easy to over-plan revision and end up with very little time to work on remembering key points in the run up to an exam. Having a tried-and-tested strategy that can be referred back to year after year will build up confidence, whether this is providing a completely structured revision plan for students or supporting them to allocate their own time and implement individual revision methods.

Mark Allocation
All of the preparation is done and exams have rolled around again; as soon as the timer starts, it’s wise to have a quick glance ahead at the exam paper in its entirety. Most subjects will have a variety of questions with varying marking allocations – students should be in the habit of allocating the most time during the exam to the questions with the largest marks.

Reading And Understand The Questions
We’ve all misunderstood something we’ve heard or read in the past; when there is an error in problem solving, it can often be traced back to misreading the original problem. No matter what the exam type, subject, or year group, there shouldn’t be any danger in overstating the importance of reading and re-reading each question and being completely clear on what you are being asked to do before moving on.

Leave Time To Check For Mistakes
Use time wisely – another piece of advice that will follow us through life far beyond the exam room. Regardless of the paper, it will have been compiled with time in mind; specifically, there should be enough time after completing all questions for students to go back and check their work for errors and mistakes. While it’s not something that should take up a significant amount of the examination time, it can offer a bit of a safety net for students that tend to rush through their work and then realise later they missed something.

What other timeless exam/revision tips have followed you through life beyond the school gates? We’d love to hear what has (and what hasn’t) worked for you.