A Year 10 Student’s Point of View on SPC


My School Planner Company experience this week has been very different to what I generally get involved in, as I have never been in a workplace before and am usually based in a school. It’s been a new experience and I have enjoyed my time here a lot.

Over my time here, I have met lots of new people in different departments of The School Planner Company like IT, marketing, and sales, and I can say they’re all very happy friendly people. From my time at Mimeo, I have learned a lot about what it’s like to be at work and am confident with what it’s going to be like working later on in life.

Tasks and Projects

My tasks and projects I have been set at The School Planner Company have been enjoyable as they have helped me learn more helpful skills. Some of the skills I have learned have been things like being involved in meetings and knowing what they’re like, writing a blog on how my work experience has been, writing emails and creating a social media advert advertising SPC Yearbooks.

From these tasks, I have learned more about the company and what they do and how it would actually be like to work and The School Planner Company. I have enjoyed all the projects I have been set and have not found them boring whatsoever.

Building and Working Facilities

The appearance and style of the building is very agreeable and creates a nice ongoing atmosphere and a pleasant feeling around the workplace. This made my tasks and projects more exciting and helped me enjoy the work more just because of the appearance of the facilities.

At the start, I found the building hard to navigate around, but after a while I easily learned where everything was; for example, the production area, most of the offices and the main area where I was based which is the marketing section of the building.

To round the building up, it has a very nice feel to it and will not be disappointed with working here for long periods of time.


From my experience at The School Planner Company, all the workers and employees have been very welcoming, approachable and easy to talk to as when I entered the MImeo facilities and got to meet some of the workers there and felt like I could happily work with and was excited to see what they were going to teach me throughout my experience.

I have learned a lot of different things from the people working there like what you have to do in the marketing, sales, and IT departments, which are all very interesting to me as before I came here I didn’t know much about them. Overall, the people made my work experience more enjoyable and exciting for me.

Atmosphere in the workplace

The atmosphere at The School Planner Company will definitely meet any expectations as when you are in there you can just get on with your work while not having to worry about things like it being too loud, or it’s too distracting in there as it’s peaceful.

The appearance has a big part to the atmosphere in the building as you don’t want to be working in a place that’s dingy and doesn’t have a very pleasing atmosphere.