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Anorexia In Schools: What Can Be Done To Help?

Poor mental health is one of the most significant issues facing schools today. The well-being of our pupils is of utmost importance as we attempt to develop intelligent, creative, intuitive and resilient young adults.

Mental health issues are widespread throughout education, affecting primary, secondary, independent, and stake schools alike. Eating disorders make up a number of the mental health issues facing schools, and whilst it is largely considered to be a female issue, students of both genders are frequently succumbing to anorexia, bulimia, and more.


Charles is 17. He has been battling anorexia for two years. It’s an illness many people think of as only affecting females. Newsbeat has been given exclusive access to the specialist treatment unit in London when Charles has been receiving help. Our cameras also follow him as he returns to his school where, for the first time, he plans to have an open discussion about his illness with his classmates.


We recently posted a blog about the issues surrounding mental health problems in schools. Is poor mental health the biggest issue facing schools in 2016?