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What Makes the School Planner Company Different?

We aren’t like other planner companies. Our school planners are made to order, with the process fully controlled by you from start to finish. What is “SPC Customised”? If you’re looking for student planners for your school, you’ve probably heard other planner companies use the word “customised”. We do customisation differently. SPC Customised means fully bespoke. Nothing is included in our planners as standard; our customers decide the content of every page, from cover to cover. While unlimited choice can seem a bit overwhelming, we also want to help you create your new planners as best we can. You can ask our planner experts...

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Award-Winning Customised Exercise Books

  We’re thrilled to announce that our Customised Exercise Book product has won the well-established Education Resources Award 2018 for best general classroom resource, beating out Staedtler, Helix Maped, and Scanning Pens! Now in their 19th year, these awards are widely recognised as a sign of excellence in the education resources industry. The awards highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services, and people, as well as the best educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession. We last won an ERA award in 2006, in the Supplier of the Year 1m-3m turnover category, and are...

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Paper Vs Digital – A Possible Solution?

After a few weeks away from the topic, we're back to our paper vs planner investigation (part 1 here, part 2 here). We've had a look at the headlines that pit digital and paper against each other, and we've looked in depth at the mechanics of learning on paper versus learning using a screen. As well as being a better option for children to develop memory recall skills, physical note taking is arguably the more 'healthy' option, with studies showing that prolonged exposure to the blue light of mobile devices can be detrimental to general well-being. The current generation of children...

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Easing Parental Anxiety: Enter The Primary Prospectus

It's something that most parents will only experience a few times, at most, during their life. Teachers witness it from a different perspective several times a year, however. The first day of primary school for a child moving up from nursery or pre-school can be a worrying time for children and parents alike. Parents will have already asked themselves a hundred questions, Will they be ok without me? What if they need an adult? What if they get scared? Is this school good enough? Did I choose the right school? Every child will experience primary school differently, and so it makes sense...

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