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Challenge Us To Improve Your Student Planners

Our team of planner specialists are so confident that they know exactly how to create a customised student planner that supports teaching and learning, they want you to challenge them to improve your planners.

Send us a copy of your current student planners, and we will return it with a report of five ways we could improve them with full customisation.

Click here to request a pre-paid envelope to send your student planners in. 

At The School Planner Company, we appreciate that no two schools are exactly the same. Every school has its own unique mix of needs and preferences, and there is rarely a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution in education. We work closely with schools to create fully customised, 100% relevant planners that can support learning, help to manage low-level misbehaviour, and provide a simple, non-intrusive method of home-school communication.

With customised student planners, you determine the content of every single page, guaranteeing that they are completely relevant to your school and students. We have years of experience in creating fully customised planners, which is why we are so confident that we can improve on your current planners.

Click here to request a pre-paid envelope to send your planners in. 


How much more relevant are customised student planners to your students?