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‘Deck The Offices’ Christmas Competition

This year, we ran our first ever ‘Deck The Offices’ Christmas competition to find the best Christmas Tree in The School Planner Company offices

Every department got involved and put a sleighload of effort into decorating their tree.

The Winner

This fine specimen of a Christmas Tree put together by the staff in production was voted the best in the building. 

We love the use of bold colours and they way that the purple and gold are offset by the more subtle silver.

The tree didn’t win on its use of colours alone; they got bonus points for the handmade decorations, which must have taken at least three and a half minutes to cut out. The feature that really sets this apart is the attention to detail involved, right down to the individually wrapped Christmas presents under the tree.



Second-Placed-Tree.jpgSecond Place

Just missing out on gold is this fantastic effort by everyone in studio. Sure, they had the advantage of being designers, but their efforts must still be recognised. They opted for a more minimalist approach to the competition, letting the ‘natural’ beauty of the artificial tree shine through.

We particularly liked the edible aspect of the candy canes, although there are considerably fewer on the tree now than there were when the photo was taken. We also felt that the care they took to make the tree look like it had just been ‘thrown together’ without care was outstanding.

Finally, the use of a Pineapple as a tree topper was, we believe, nothing short of genius. A very deserving second place.





Third Place

Third place was taken by the Customer Service team.

We love the colour scheme, and the stripy (possibly inspired by Where’s Wally) look of the tree.

They opted for a more traditional tree topper, but jazzed things up with a red star rather than gold or silver.

We awarded extra points for their decision to position the tree in the centre of the room, really demonstrating how proud of their masterpiece they are and how dedicated they are to tripping me up.

On another day, with a different judging panel, this could have easily secured second or even first place.



Worthy of Note12348088_1189471357749598_3511390466365604830_n.jpg

Unfortunately, my effort was not considered to have met the criteria of entry into the competition, being that it isn’t technically a tree. However, I am going to put forward the argument that it should be included, as I believe it is a pretty outstanding average example of a Tree That Isn’t Really A Christmas Tree tree.

Sure, it’s not conventional shape, and the colour choices might not be the most inspired (I only have a few whiteboard pens), but on character alone, I feel this should have at least come in the top one.

There’s always next year….





Have you decorated your classroom / office this year?

We have shared our Christmas tree decoration efforts, and we would love to see yours! Send us a picture on twitter @SchoolPlannerCo so we can see how yours compares!