Roald Dahl 100 year anniversary

Are you muggled? Let us explain.

Nearly 100 years ago, Roald Dahl was born. You’ve undoubtedly heard of his stories, even if you have somehow managed to miss his name. Each year on September 13th, his life and works are celebrated, a tribute to this spectacularly special Welsh-born author. The first ever Roald Dahl Day took place in 2006, and here we are, a decade later, looking back on 100 years of the most magically enthralling children’s books that were ever created. The event’s website is jam-packed full of interesting facts, fun, games, and even includes lesson plan ideas for teachers looking to incorporate the imaginative storytelling of Dahl into their teaching.

You don’t have to look far to find someone who has been touched by the stories Dahl created. Many of his tales have been brought to the big screen; twice even in the case of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl’s special brand of humour meshed with a touch of sentiment has meant his characters and their stories continue to live on even after his death in 1990.

Dahl also gave the world Gobblefunk, a language of his own creation that is largely seen in The BFG, which fans have adopted and taken into their hearts in a stunning example of just how literature can strike all the right chords with an audience. We thought we’d share some of our favourite Gobblefunk words; can you guess what they mean?

Click the words to reveal the answers!

Bogglebox A school for boys

Hopscotchy Cheerful

Trogglehumper A terribly bad dream

Jumpsquiffling Absolutely enormous!

Quogwinkle An alien from outer space

Frothbuggling Silly

Swatchscollop Disgusting food

Majester The Queen

In the weeks leading up to Roald Dahl Day in September, you can read about events happening all over the country that are aimed at bringing people together in enjoying Dahl’s works and creations. If you’re in London at all this summer, be sure to check out the Dream Jar Trail; it looks positively gloriumptious! If you’re planning on doing something for Roald Dahl Day in September, get in touch with us; we’d love to hear all about it, and might even feature your school on our website and social media.

Roald Dahl Day is on 13th September

And since everyone has a favourite Roald Dahl story, we thought we’d leave you with our office favourites!

Dayna – George’s Marvellous Medicine
Jessika – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Michael – Danny, Champion of the World
Claire – James and the Giant Peach
Nick – Matilda
Matt – George’s Marvellous Medicine
Heather – The BFG
Caillen – The Fantastic Mr Fox

What’s your favourite Roald Dahl story? We’ve love to hear from you!

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