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A Gift From SPC – FREE English Quick Tip Posters

9 December 2016 Claire Fox Downloadables

Maybe because it’s almost Christmas, and maybe because we’re just that passionate about education, we wanted to offer our blog readers a set of A4 posters for their classrooms (or your own if you prefer, we’re not judging!) based on simple grammatical errors.

Each of the six posters features grammatical or spelling errors that are commonly found across most key stages. They’re rather colourful too, and will brighten up any wall, we’ll think you’ll agree. We even have copies up in our little office (really, we do!)

Your and You're
To, Too, and Two
Their, There, and They're
Than and Then
Its and It's
Could've, Would've, and Should've

Want them to print yourself? Great! You can download the full resolution posters by clicking on each one for full size.

Help! I can’t download them!
No problem, just drop us a line here and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I print them on paper bigger than A4?
You could, but they’d be very distorted! If you want larger versions of the posters printed, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to give you a quote if you’re interested in having bigger copies printed.

Finding these quick tips useful? We’d love to see pictures of your posters in all their glory – share any pics with us on Facebook or Twitter!