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Festive Snowflake Fun

Run out of things to do this Christmas? Have a go at making a unique snowflake or two! Here’s our step-by-step guide:

1. Brew a cup of tea, and take an ordinary, blank sheet of A4 paper (any colour).

2. Find a crocheted (or knitted) buddy who can fold in the corner for you. Alternatively, you could do this yourself.

3. Fold over the loose end, and then…

4. Tear off the excess, leaving you with a triangle of paper.

5. Fold the triangle in half.

6. Here comes the tricky bit: Fold the right side of your mini-triangle at a roughly 60 degree angle.

7. Fold in the left side, leaving you with an even smaller triangle.

8. Cut the excess off of the top of the triangle – not the pointed end. The angle you cut this off at will change how your finished snowflake will look. You could cut zig zags, wavy lines, or anything else you feel like doing.

9. Have a treat. You’ve earned it.

10. Cut your design into the sides and top of the triangle, being careful not to cut off the sharp tip. You don’t need a pattern; make your snowflake unique and cut out some original shapes!

Carefully unfold your triangle, and…

Ta daa! You’ve made a unique snowflake. Hang it with festive pride! I didn’t realise that the SPC logo would make such a grumpy face…