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Monthly Ideas Initiative Will Bring New Ideas To Our Page Library

With more than 1,000 pages, our planner library is already extensive. That said, we don’t think that there is an upper limit on anything when it comes to creating something that is truly customised, and we also understand that the needs of all school types are changing and evolving all the time. This is where our new ‘ideas initiative’ comes in.

Every month, we’ll be releasing new page ideas for our online planner library in the form of “Packs”. Each Pack is crammed with great ideas for your student and teacher planners, so it’s well worth having a look. We’ll be releasing a new Pack around the 15th of every month, so keep your eyes peeled. If you see anything you like, jot down the details – you could always add it to next year’s planners. You can find all the details of our latest pack releases by clicking here, or by visiting myspc.uk/r/packs.

As always, we’ll also be releasing essential new page ideas as and when you need them, like our recently released GCSE Reform Tables, in addition to our monthly content releases.

Have an idea on what you’d like to see our content team add to the page ideas? Use the form in the right-hand bar on this post to submit an idea; we’d really like to know what content matters to you.