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Making Studying Routine Can Help With Raising Attainment

One of the most effective ways to revise is to make short, focused study sessions a part of your routine. Just one or two 20-30 minute sessions a week, at a dedicated time, are far more useful than a ten-hour study binge.

It can be difficult to ensure that students commit to making regular studying a part of their routine. They often forget or get distracted, and their teachers can’t be expected to continuously remind them.

Getting studying right can be vital for raising attainment; you can utilise your student planners to help with this.

Students use their student planners regularly. They are used to record and track their assignments, but they can offer much more than just being a space to organise more than just homework.

They are an indispensable study tool. You can include regular study reminders in your student planners. If a student is using their planner on a daily basis to record homework, consider featuring reminders on each weekly page to ensure that they revise.

Feature Weekly Reminders

You can use the weekly pages of your student planners to feature regular reminders. These can be either on the bottom of each page, or even included on each day.

A simple sentence such as “Have you remembered to revise today?” or “Making studying a part of your routine will improve your exam results” can be really effective.

Making Studying Routine Can Help With Raising Attainment

Don’t Lose Relevance

Not every student in your school needs to be revising every week – Year 8 students, for example, may not see the need for it. This is why we allow our customers to create extra versions of their planners at no extra cost; ensure that your planners are relevant to all your students.