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Easing Parental Anxiety: Enter The Primary Prospectus

24 January 2018 Claire Fox SPC Products

It’s something that most parents will only experience a few times, at most, during their life. Teachers witness it from a different perspective several times a year, however. The first day of primary school for a child moving up from nursery or pre-school can be a worrying time for children and parents alike. Parents will have already asked themselves a hundred questions, Will they be ok without me? What if they need an adult? What if they get scared? Is this school good enough? Did I choose the right school? Every child will experience primary school differently, and so it makes sense that the same would go for their parents meaning not all of them will feel reassured by the same thing.

There is something we can help with, though. We want your pupil’s parents to feel completely secure in their choice of school. We want to know that when they wave their children off, they’re feeling safe in the knowledge that your school is right for supporting their child. To do this, we go right back to where it all starts: the search for a school. I’m actually preparing to go through this process myself; this time next year we will be going through the process of applying to primary schools for my son. It’s a terrifying thought. At the moment he is at nursery where there is one adult for every three children under five. This changes quite dramatically when school rolls around. Of course he’ll be old enough for this, but it’s very important to me that I don’t feel any ‘what ifs’ about the school we do eventually choose. So far, we’ve seen a handful of websites, read several years’ worth of OFSTED reports, and a few prospectuses.

A lot of us have grown up associating prospectuses with universities, colleges, and secondary schools where the modes and levels of study are different and the focus is firmly on academic achievement. It’s less common to see prospectuses for primary schools, but perhaps this makes it all the more important to have one – especially a physical one (not all parents will have access to the internet). Children and their parents are embarking on the education journey together – this first step marking a path that is 10 or more years long – so it’s not surprising that we all want to make sure that we’ve made the right choices.

We’ve always offered prospectus printing, but have recently taken this a step further in offering professional templates and designs for schools that perhaps don’t have the resources to produce one themselves. We’ve eliminated the need for folders with loose sheets of paper that can easily slide out with a booklet design. Schools can choose from a variety of professionally designed templates; all they need to do is supply our team with the content and we do the rest.

By investing in a professionally produced prospectus, you’re communicating your school’s aims and values to the wider community – demonstrating dedication to high teaching standards and professional conduct. Our templates have been created with primary schools in mind; designs are flexible and visually engaging; you’re telling parents that you take your school’s ethos seriously from the very first day that their child is there.

I can only describe the attraction of these prospectuses so far; we’d love for you to request a sample pack from us to see the quality for yourself. Fill in the form below, or contact our team for a callback. You can read a more detailed description of prospectuses here.