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Primary School Teachers Terrify Their Pupils In Assembly!

A group of primary school teachers gave their pupils a shock in an assembly on success.

When the group of over 180 year five and six pupils walked into the school hall, they had no idea what was about to happen.

At this school, they probably should have expected something.


The pupils were summoned into the assembly hall under the premise that they had to attend an assembly on ‘success’. 

After a brief conversation about success and what makes someone successful, they were told that there were eight items in a box in the middle of the room, all of which represented success in some way. One girl was chosen to take the first item from the box; she was not expecting what happened next…


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She probably should have expected something!

This wasn’t exactly a one-off. The school teaches a creative curriculum, based on providing experiences that inspire creativity. It’s a school where teachers scaring students seems to be the norm. Here are just a few of the experiences they have organised over the last couple of years:



Night Time Takeover

Once a year, pupils are invited back to school in the evening, when it is at its most haunted and has been taken over by zombies and monsters.

Apparently, scaring their socks off results in some incredible creative writing!






 A School At War

Pupils rushed to the cellars and the teacher-made Anderson Shelter when the school went to war. Accompanied by teachers who must have joined the army overnight, they learnt about rationing, history, geography, and even a little politics.





A Visit From The Past

Key Stage One arrived in school one Monday morning to find that a woman from Victorian times had decided to make one of their corridors her new home.

They were taught about history and maths as she tried to sell them some of her freshly washed clothes!




Do You Know A Place That Makes You Long For Childhood?

The school aims to create an environment that makes everyone, children and adults alike, long for childhood.

Based on the above evidence, it would certainly work for me!


There’s a method to their madness.

The creative curriculum has put the school in the top 2% of schools in the country in terms of value added. Find out more about their curriculum here.