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Release Of PISA Results Puts UK On Middle Ground (Again)

7 December 2016 Claire Fox News and Views

Every three years, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conducts international surveys into 15-year-old students’ performance in English, Maths, and Science. The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results for 2015 were released 6th December 2016, and the results are fascinating.

Many educators are focusing on a perceived “flatline” of progress; the UK is still a middle performer. Since the 2012 survey, the UK’s position for reading has increased by two places (22nd), while the maths ranking has fallen by a single place (27th).

Source: http://www.oecd.org/pisa/data/

Source: http://www.oecd.org/pisa/data/

Conversely, the UK’s ranking for science jumped up six places to the 15th best spot, which may indicate progress.

Regionally, Wales is still underperforming when compared to the rest of the UK, while Scotland received the worst results since PISA was established at the turn of the millennium.

Interestingly, Asian countries with comprehensive school systems retained a strong foothold on the PISA rankings. In particular, Singapore dominated the results, ranking first in reading, maths, and science. Shanghai’s indomitable ranking has fallen since 2012, although this can be attributed to the fact that they now share their score with other areas of China.

For more information on the PISA research, visit the website here.