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The School Planner Company

We aren’t like other planner companies. Our school planners are made to order, with the process fully controlled by you from start to finish.

What is “SPC Customised”?

Customised School PlannerIf you’re looking for student planners for your school, you’ve probably heard other planner companies use the word “customised”.

We do customisation differently. SPC Customised means fully bespoke. Nothing is included in our planners as standard; you decide the content of every page, from cover to cover.

While unlimited choice can seem a bit overwhelming. We also want to help you create your new planners as best we can.  Together with our planner experts we help you build a planner to match your school’s ways of working. Select page ideas yourself from our extensive library (over 2,000 options. Equally, send us your ideas – we’ll design new pages from scratch.  All design work’s included, so there’s no extra cost.

What’s more, we’ll accept your ideas in any format – an email, a digital document, printouts, or even Blue Peter-inspired collages; you would be surprised how many customers have taken us up on this in the past!

Additionally there’s no minimum or maximum page counts, and we don’t force you to add pages in blocks of 16 like other companies – you can add a single page or a hundred. We can even include tear-out perforations or plastic wallets wherever you want.


School planner week reference pageOff-the-shelf planners don’t match up to your school’s ways of working, and you have to find ways to adapt and work around them. We flip this on its head; your diary section will be designed to perfectly match your daily lesson structure, rewards and achievements, and home-school communication.

We design planners to match the school’s ways of working – not the other way around. Our planners are designed from the ground up to meet each school’s individual needs.

Customised planners also provide the opportunity to include school policies, essential subject reference information, and important dates and events, so they’re always to hand. Many of our customers take advantage of this to reduce their overall reprographics costs.


For them to be most effective, you need age-appropriate planners for every student. We will create multiple editions of your planners for no extra charge. You can have different editions for each key stage, year group, and house, and customise the subject-support pages, diary sections, and home-school communication pages to match their individual needs.

Because every planner is built to order, we can cater for every year group, from tots to teens.


School planner branding
Whether or not you realise it, your school has a unique brand. The best way to attract new students and investment opportunities is to shout it loud and proud.

What’s unique about your school’s offering? Whatever it may be, you can be sure that your planners that support your school’s unique brand. Our dedicated design team have decades of combined experience developing and conveying hundreds of school brands.

Benefit from a unique cover design and unlimited branding opportunities, so you can take pride in your planners and represent your school in the best possible light throughout the local community.

Content and Design

Gain access to our library of over 2,000 proven and tested planner page ideas. Select pages to use and change to your needs.

You can also submit your ideas for a bespoke page design (no extra charge).

We pride ourselves in offering a quick and easy design service. Our expert design and proofreading teams save you time by doing all the hard work. Our team ensure your planners are finished to the highest possible standard.

If you’re not sure where to start, our planner experts are on hand to offer content suggestions.

Planners, not advertisements

Unlike many of our competitors, at the School Planner Company we don’t include any adverts in our planners. Our focus is solely on designing and producing the planners your school needs – not on pleasing the demands of third-party sponsors.

However, if your school has its own sponsors that you want to include to generate additional funding, we can do that!

Budgeting certainty in an uncertain time

We know that schools are having to tighten their purse strings.

Our prices are all-inclusive, with all design, proofing, service, printing, and delivery included, so there’s no nasty surprises.

We also offer early order discounts and huge flexibility in planner page count, size, and finishing styles, so you can select the options that fit around your budget.

See for yourself

Want to see how the School Planner Company Customised planners can benefit your school? We’ll design you an example proof free of charge, with no obligation to buy.

You can click here to request a free no-obligation proof right now online.