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A Sixth Former’s Experience Working at SPC

I’m a sixth form student in year 12, and when I heard we were expected to do more work experience (since my last experience in year 10), I groaned like everyone else. This meant more worrying about finding a placement, more making phone calls with receptionists who broke promises to follow them up, more disinterested members of human resources.

And so, this was what I initially got; research a place near enough, call them up, wait for a follow-up, follow them up myself where I find that they ultimately refused me. That was until I came across Mimeo; a printing company based in Huntingdon. They were sure to have a marketing department (marketing being the area I wanted experience in), and were close enough to be driven to every day. So as usual, I called up, asked for human resources, and instantly I felt the difference.

I was being asked more questions than usual, and it generally felt like they cared about giving me a placement here. The phone call concluded with a request for my CV, which I sent, and I got an unusually quick reply that I had been accepted into the marketing department. After some more helpful emails between me and human resources, I worked out everything I needed to know about the ever-closer week at Mimeo. I was left fully clued up and without questions, or many worries. The excellent human resources was a precedent for my time at Mimeo in general.

Once I arrived, I received an introduction to the company in general and where I would be working – the marketing department for “The School Planner Company”, a sub-company of Mimeo.  Following this I was given a full agenda of what I would be doing during my week here. I would witness meetings, staff training, various departments, I’d have tours around the company and in between all of this I had a list of projects to work on. These projects at least made me feel useful, and I got the impression from staff that my opinion and work was genuinely valued, and that it was work that did need to be done – nothing trivial, just made up to occupy me.

Speaking of the staff, people working at Mimeo and The School Planner company were always friendly, helpful, and busy – never too busy to deal with me or my questions, though. Everyone was a fount of knowledge for their area of expertise. People were also quite chilled out – you were allowed to take breaks when you wanted to, and staff told me that so long as you did all of the work that you were assigned, even hours were fairly flexible.

Ok, so, we all see in satirical comedies or office humour comics (think Dilbert) an image of offices presented as gloomy, cramped, dull and overall grey rooms filled with bored people doing the least amount of work possible. I was somewhat surprised to find the office at The School Planner Company was bright and colourful, and filled with energy. Well – for an office. Large windows ensured that there was plenty of natural light, the various bits and bobs staff left around added some colour and vibrancy and people always seemed to be working very willingly – nobody seemed frustrated or particularly bored with what they had to do. Overall, it was an excellent working environment.

Since my first day, I have also had tours of production to see Mimeo’s brilliant products and how they’re made and a demonstration of their platform “Mimeo Print”. Both have certainly given me the impression that their products and software are top-notch, and it makes me pleased that I chose to do my work experience here – this was the right choice.

It’s now my last day at Mimeo, and I can say that I have enjoyed the entire experience. It’s educated me about an industry I knew little about and has encouraged me with a marketing direction. I recommend this company to other like-minded students searching for work experience.