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SPC Are In Fuerteventura! (Unfortunately, Not On Holiday)

Our student planners are in the Canary Islands, and we are very excited about it!
Over the last twelve months, we have been developing a ‘Diario’ for schools in Fuerteventura. This planner is designed to help Spanish children to learn English as a part of their school life.


Our Student Planners In Feuterventura


The ‘Diario’ has daily exercises for the children to complete and progresses through different aspects of the English language, ensuring that, day by day, they incrementally improve their command and grasp of the English language.
We have provided the local Cabildo (council) in Fuerteventura with 500 Diarios. They are currently in the process of distributing them to all of the local schools – for free!
Each school that is receiving free Diarios has its photo as a part of the montage on the front cover.
The photos in this blog post are from one of the presentations the Cabildo have organised to educate teachers, students and parents about the Diarios.