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The Lessons We’ve Learned: The Ones That Stuck

Happy #WorldTeachersDay! We’re not the type to shy away from an excuse to celebrate all that educators do for us, as well as generations before us and those that will follow. Whether you remember them fondly or with a little apathy, we all have memories of teachers at certain times in our lives, and it is their tireless hard work in an increasingly challenging environment that lends us so many of these stories.

All day today, people have been reminiscing about their favourite teachers – courtesy of Tes who started #MyBestTeacher on Twitter – with tweet after tweet remembering the tutors, teachers, and assistants that have made a lasting impression. We couldn’t resist having a stroll down memory lane, which lead us to ask staff at both planners and our sister company Yearbooks: who was your favourite teacher and why? Here are a selection of the responses – can anyone spot the newlywed?

“My favourite teacher was Mr Eardley at primary school – he was a really nice teacher and he taught me how to spell friend, ‘FRI – END’.” (Matt, SPC)

“My form tutor in secondary school; Mr Schofield. Absolute legend. Very supportive and motivational, also Great British Judo Champion in the 40-50 category so you didn’t mess with him!” (Caillen, SPC)

“Miss Walsh, my A-Level English teacher. As well as being an engaging literature teacher, she also was the first teacher to ever tell me that my life wouldn’t always be defined by bullies.” (Claire, SPC)

“Mrs Hurcombe – Food Technology, she was always so encouraging, friendly and jolly!” (Dayna, YB)

“Mrs Lester, for being the most hardworking, caring, and amazing teacher (and wife).” (Toby, SPC)

“Mr Knight – he taught me science and in the 80s you were still allowed to do lots of experiments involving fire, noxious chemicals and exploding things.  He set fire to the notice board once and calmly got the fire extinguisher, put it out and then we all got on with writing up our experiments. Not sure that would be allowed today, but he inspired me, made lessons fun and it’s testament to his teaching that I still remember much of what he taught me 35 years on.” (Bill, SPC)

“Miss Wenger – Year 6 primary school teacher. Enthusiastic about getting everyone active (rounders mainly) and a brilliant maths teacher.” (Nick, SPC)

“Mr Chambers at St. Ivo School (Head of Geography Dept). He made the geography curriculum come to life and that geography was so much more than just reading a map. The best thing about Mr Chambers as a teacher is that he cares about every single student he teaches and that they understand the message he is trying to get across, ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to get the very best grade they can. His passion for teaching and geography comes across in his lessons to motivate and encourage students to want to listen and learn more.” (Adrian, YB)


We read so much about the stress that teachers are under these days, which makes the passion of our educators even more inspiring – not just in the UK, but around the world. School finished a long time ago (decades for some of us), and when a busy life means you often forget what you were doing yesterday, the life-long lessons only grow in their importance.  

Still remember a teacher that left you with an unforgettable lesson? Let’s hear about it!