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#TheSPChat Assessment Without Levels: A Summary

On Wednesday 20th May we hosted our first ever #TheSPChat, discussing Assessment Without Levels. The conversation, inspired in part by questions from parents and teachers, but largely by the enthusiasm of the participants, was informative, inspiring, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Those who attended the conversation, thank you, it was a pleasure to have you there.

If you forgot, or were unable to attend the chat, don’t worry, we’re not bitter; we’ve picked out some of our favourite tweets for you to enjoy at your leisure:

In general, how close are we to being ready for a life without levels? Do we have plans and systems in place? Or is there still a way to go?

@fulbridge_acad We have created our new assessment model and we started using it last September.

@Ajcurr I think that depends at what ‘level’ you are talking about – schools have some great ideas, LA’s it depends where you are and nationally I think there is still a way to go to ensure we have a clear and consistent approach

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So is it fair to say that LA’s are a way behind schools in terms of being ready?

@MichaelT1979 Awareness and action varies massively between schools, alliances and LAs all over

@erskinet1 we need to work with other schools, not the LA, if we want to move forward. We need ownership.

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Are there any resources you’ve found helpful, or are you finding it to be a case of working things out for yourselves?

@MichaelT1979 All the resoruces we’ve used are freely available on my blog resources page: https://michaelt1979.wordpress.com/freeresources/

@fulbridge_acad Tim Oates talking about assessment was very useful too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-q5vrBXFpm0

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Without levels, what will students aspire to?

@bryngoodman Mastery

@MichaelT1979 Hopefully real learning that means they engage with the content rather than just hoping for a mystical number

@gazneedle Did children really aspire to levels? Or was that teachers/parents?

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Over the course of the discussion, a number of conversations developed which we have been unable to convey in our summary. There is a chronological Storify of everything that was said here.
We hope to see you at the next #TheSPChat, and if you have any topics you would like to be discussed in any of our future chats, please do not hesitate to email [email protected]