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What Do OFSTED’s 2015 Updates Mean For You?


We are sure you’re aware of the updates that OFSTED are implementing to their inspection strategy. Have you read through the report yet? We don’t blame you if not; we did, and it took a while. We’ve summarised some of the updates that we think will most affect you.

1: The Common Inspection Framework

While OFSTED are (rightly) selling this as a subtle update, it is still pretty significant. The idea is that it will simplify OFSTED, so that we all know what to expect from them.

There are four main aspects of the Common Inspection Framework:

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Quality of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
  • Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare
  • Outcomes for children and learning

2: Short Inspections

If your school was graded as ‘good’ in your last inspection, changes will be made to the way that you will be inspected in the future.

Your next inspection will be a ‘short inspection’ lasting just one day, and it is likely to be undertaken by just one inspector.

These inspections will focus on three main criteria:

  • Increased professional dialogue
  • Clear feedback
  • Capacity of leader

3: Assessment Without Levels

Okay, so this one is a bit of a cheat. It’s not an outcome of the OSFTED updates, but it remains significant. It is arguably one of the largest changes to the UK education system in recent years.

We know that most schools have a solution to Assessment Without Levels, and whilst the next couple of years are sure to test these solutions and will help to mould them into assessment systems, the basis of the solution will probably remain the same. However, have you properly thought through how you are going to ensure that your new assessment system is understood by parents? You will also need to ensure that it is completely transparent and easy for parents or carers to track their child’s progress.