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Fully Customised Exercise Books

ERA Award Winner 2018
Best General Classroom Resource

Our exercise books are customised according to the needs of your school. We have developed them so pages reflect your ways of working, and our team can design anything you need, from subject reference pages to marking schemes. We have a range of templates including lined and graph paper, as well as those that support the development of handwriting. 

What are the ERA Awards?

Now in their 19th year, these awards are widely recognised as a sign of excellence in the education resources industry. The awards highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services, and people, as well as the best educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession.

We last won an ERA award in 2006, in the Supplier of the Year 1m-3m turnover category, and are delighted to have received another.

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What Did The Judges Say?

“Customised school branding of exercise books encourages belonging to, and ownership of, the school identity”

“Each department can create unique books suitable for their curriculum with added resources throughout”

“The space for marking is particularly handy”

ERA Award-Winning Customised Exercise Books

Why Choose Our Award-Winning Exercise Books?

Hundreds Of Page Ideas

Use our library of page ideas; use pages as they are, adapt them for your needs, or ask us to design something for you.

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Money & Time Saver

Include key resources and subject references, eliminating the need for additional print outs.

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Marking & Feedback

Just like our planners, our exercise books can be fully customised to reflect your school’s feedback and marking systems.

Free Trial

If you have a school population of over 500, you can apply for an exercise book free trial below. Otherwise, you can request a free sample pack.

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