What Is A Fully Customised Student Planner?

We have been working successfully with many international schools and have helped them to create their own fully customised student planners.

Our customised student planners allow content to be more relevant, increasing student engagement. You determine the content of every single page, from the front cover to the back and you can create multiple editions, for each key stage or year group, at no extra cost.

We can create your planners in any language you want, and if your main taught language is English, you can also use our library of page ideas which offers you content that follows national curriculum guidelines.

Example of International Student Planner Cover

What Can Be Included In A Customised Student Planner?

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School Info & Policies

All of your most important school information and policies can be made easily available.

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Home-school Communication

Bespoke student agendas and planners simplify communication between home and school. Support your school’s management strategies.

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School Branding

Match your planners to other school marketing material. Contribute to a strong brand identity.

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Rewards and Praise Systems

Incorporate your existing rewards and praise systems. We can help you create new systems and offer examples if needed.

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Student planners can contain term dates and timetables specific to your school.

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More relevant and useful than generic or partly-customised alternatives - everything you need and nothing you don’t. Discover how our fully customised resources can work for your school.