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School Hoodies

Hoodies are great. They can be worn in almost any situation. Popping down to the shop? Get a hoodie on. Going round a mate’s? Better check that hoodie’s still clean. Travelling? There’s only one thing you’re going to wear, and it’s not a freshly ironed shirt.

Our leavers’ hoodies can be customised for your year group. Put your school logo on the front and class list on the back. Now your hoodie isn’t just a cosy and comfortable all-purpose item of clothing – it actually means something.

  • Our hoodies are available in a choice of 50 colours, and you are able to order a mix of colours
  • There are 3 hoodie styles to choose from
  • You have a choice of 16 design styles to be printed on the back
  • For an extra £3 per hoodie we can individually personalise them with student names
  • Your school logo can be embroidered for £1.50 per hoodie (£2 for quantities below 50)
  • Free bulk delivery to one UK address
  • 80% cotton, 20% polyester

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