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Adding Value To Your Customised Planners

With a fully customised school planner, you can add a ton of value without having to spend extra to get it. If you put the time in and create your planner carefully in conjunction with a fully trained planner specialist, it’s easy to squeeze more value out of a professionally designed school planner.

Colour-coded paper
The more pages you add to your planners, the more difficult it can be to find what you want quickly. Coloured paper is a great solution, as you can use different colours to represent different sections, making it easy to spot at a glance. Depending on the design of your pages, this could also be a low-cost alternative to printing with coloured ink.

You need to consider your binding options if you want to colour code your planner pages. Binding options that involve folding over large sheets of paper, such as square-back binding, cannot be colour coded. Your best options are wiro binding, or a more robust plastic coil binding. If any of your pages are being printed in full colour, you will want to choose a white paper stock to bring out the brightness and contrast of the ink.

The School Planner Company will print your planner pages on coloured paper at no extra cost, and offer a durable plastic coil binding that is guaranteed to last the school year.

Add extra value to your covers
Professionally printed and laminated covers offer a plethora of opportunities to add extra value to your planners. You can click here to find out how to create your perfect customised planner covers.

Bound-in wallets
Students often carry around loose leaves of paper and sheets, which can quickly clutter up their bag. It’s also easy for important documents, such as timetables and letters, to get crumpled and damaged. Adding plastic wallets to your planner is a great way to prevent this from happening. If your planners are fully customised, it’s easy to add a plastic wallet before any page in your planners.

If your school’s timetable or term dates aren’t yet fully decided, you can omit them from your planner design; just print them out at a later date, and get your students to add them to their plastic wallets.

Corner and business card pockets
If you’d prefer not to use plastic wallets, corner pockets and business card holders are a fantastic addition to any planner. Corner pockets are great for students to use to keep all of their homework in one place.

Save on print costs
Paper print-outs and other lesson resources can be expensive to mass produce. If you’re printing out reference materials that will be used throughout the school year, these are easily lost or damaged by students. You can protect these resources, ensure that they’re always to hand, and save on overall printing costs by including them in your school planners.

The School Planner Company has a comprehensive online Library of Page Ideas that are designed to fulfil the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. It’s quick and easy to find any subject-specific resources that you’re looking for.

The School Planner Company creates high-quality, 100% customised planners. Request a free sample pack or visit our Online Library of Page Ideas to find out more.