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Choosing Subject Specific Pages


If you’ve created a fully customised student planner that’s specific to your school systems and incorporates your school policies, your students will be using them every day. Their planners will always be to hand; you can take advantage of this by including high-quality subject-specific reference pages.


Quick reference guide
Quick reference pages, such as phonics pages or multiplication tables, are indispensable tools for younger students. You can ensure that your students always have access to this information, even when they’re at home. For secondary students you can include pages such as formulae sheets, a list of rhetorical devices, and illustrated maps. All of these are indispensable tools for your students at all stages of secondary school. You can ensure that your students always have access to this information, even when they’re at home.

Printed reference pages and worksheets often get damaged, and rarely, if ever, survive the full school year. The School Planner Company guarantees that their planners will last the full school year, so you can have peace of mind that your students will always have the information they need. They will also print your pages on coloured paper at no extra cost, so you can colour code your subject-specific sections to make them easy to find.

Save on print costs
Rather than tasking your teaching staff with finding resources online and printing out or photocopying hundreds of worksheets, you can include them directly in your students’ planners.

The actual cost of running a printer or photocopying machine is much higher than you may think; remember, you not only have to factor in the cost of the paper, ink, and electricity, but you also have to calculate the value of a teacher’s time. The longer a teacher spends waiting in front of the photocopier, the less time they have to focus on teaching their students.

Quick and easy
The School Planner Company’s Library of Page Ideas makes it quick and easy to find the resources you’re looking for. You can view it online on any device, or request a sample pack by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Choosing pages to add to your planner is as simple as writing down the Reference ID associated with the page.

spl-11-17Make it work for you
All of the content in the Library of Page Ideas is fully customisable, meaning that you can change the text, design, or images. Chop and change the pages in any way you can think of; our design team will take care of the rest. If you can’t find what you’re looking for – or if you have resources that are specific to your school – you can send in your information, and the design team will create new pages for you. We will create any page you can possibly imagine.

Over 500 page ideas
The Library of Page Ideas includes over 500 high-quality page ideas and designs for Primary and Secondary schools that can either be used as they are, or adapted to meet your school’s requirements.

Uphold the National Curriculum
All of the subject-specific pages in The School Planner Company’s library of ideas have been designed around the National Curriculum. You can see how these pages meet the statutory requirements of the curriculum in our Online Library of Page Ideas.

Demonstrate your commitment to meeting and exceeding the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum by including high-quality, professionally designed subject-specific pages in your student planners.

The School Planner Company creates high-quality, 100% customised planners.
Request a free sample pack or visit our Online Library of Page Ideas to find out more.