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Creating Effective Diary Pages For Secondary Students

spl-04-05-01aHow do you use your school planners? To support home-school communication? As a homework record? With a customised diary section, it’s possible to do so much more: monitor attendance, gather feedback from your students’ parents, keep track of behaviour, or implement your unique school systems.

Before you begin, it’s important to have a good idea of what you want from your diary pages. Try sketching out a rough idea of what it may look like, and sift through The School Planner Company’s online Library of Page Ideas for inspiration.

Make your homework records relevant to your school
Many schools rush out and buy the first pre-printed school planners they find. Oftentimes, this leaves them with a sub-standard product that has been designed around how other schools operate; in short, it doesn’t work for them.

With a customised diary page, you can decide how you want your students to record their homework. You could organise it by day, list homework by subject, or even craft your own bespoke style to suit your students’ needs. The possibilities really are endless.

Pre-populate your pages
One of the most powerful benefits of a completely customised school planner is the ability to pre-populate your diary pages with important dates, events, and useful information such as daily spelling tests or assembly themes. If you choose the right print company, they’ll even handle all of the design work for you. You can click here to find out more about pre-populating your customised planners.

Improve home-school communication
By getting both your staff and your students’ parents to sign their weekly diaries, you can ensure that your students are on the right track and completing their homework. More importantly, however, you instantly open up a dialogue between the school and the home. You could include areas on your diary pages for notes home, or a system for parents to show how well their child is behaving each day.

spl-04-06-04aMonitor attendance and behaviour
If you choose to monitor attendance using your planners, you can add a small attendance record or absence note to each diary page. Alternatively, you could include a separate attendance record page later on in the planner.

Consistent brand identity
While it may not always be immediately obvious, your school has a brand that dictates how the local community perceives you. School logos are a major aspect of this. You can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your school’s branding and improve public perception of your school by using this logo in your letterheads and emails. With a customised diary section, you can also include this in the design of your weekly pages as a watermark. You should also consider including any school mottos or other phrases.

Incorporate other languages
If your school has a particular focus on Modern Foreign Languages, you can add additional languages to your diary pages.

Include weekends
Many boarding schools include the full week in their planner’s diary section, making it easy for students to keep track of what they have planned for the weekend.

The School Planner Company creates high-quality, 100% customised planners. Request a free sample pack or visit our Online Library of Page Ideas to find out more.