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Marking Schemes

Launched in 2017, our exercise book products were created to give additional support to teachers and students by bringing our trademark customisation to exercise book to reduce the time spent adding marking schemes and/or stickers into students’ books one by one. All of the pages in our ideas library can be adapted for an exercise book, so you have the flexibility of different reference pages for different subjects. We can also design anything you need and have hundreds of page ideas you can use or adapt for any subject area that you need.

Where our exercise books can really add value to schools is the inclusion of marking schemes that support the way a school works. No two schools will have the same way of marking students’ work, so the solution is often to use printed stickers or stamps that can be time consuming for teachers, especially if they have different schemes for different year groups or classes.

Marking schemes are largely determined by how each school works and these are just some of the possible strategies you could include in your exercise books.

EBI (Even Better If) and WWW (What Went Well)
Often used in tandem, these two marking schemes are popular across all key stages due to their simplicity; sticker sheets using both phrases are often available as part of a pack. Teachers mark work by acknowledging what students have done well, adding comments on how they can further develop or improve their work.

Live Marking
This involves giving feedback to students during class, while they are working. Having a dedicated space for this in your school’s exercise books is a great way to implement a whole-school approach to using this strategy.

Verbal Feedback
Again, this strategy is implemented during lesson time, giving students the chance to address any problems they are having ‘in situ’. Rather that using a ‘verbal feedback given’ stamp, you could use a checkbox in the margins of your exercise books for teachers to mark as they go.