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How Does Our Planner Pricing Work?

Our school planners are completely customised, so it’s impossible to give an overall price without learning more about your school’s specific requirements. Planners are available in three sizes: A6, A5 and A4. We start with a base price which covers all design work, printing, binding and delivery, then add the number of pages (full colour, or black and white) along with any optional enhancements.

In this article, we’ll explain the different components to our planner pricing and explain how you can get a quote specifically for your school.

What is included in the base price?

For student planners, homework diaries and teacher planners, the base price includes all the design work (reduced rates if you have print-ready files) the manufacture and binding of your planners (wiro or coil binding), the heavy-duty polypropylene outer covers and delivery to a UK address. We then charge a page rate for the pages and also offer cost-saving pre-printed sections.

There are no hidden costs. Our pricing structure is open and clear.
We do not charge extra for developing more than one planner edition for your school – we encourage you to make each edition as relevant and focused as possible.

Get your free price guide…

Our free product sample packs include a Price Guide along with information to help you get started. Because our products are 100% customised (which makes them so effective), most products have a base price, which includes all our costs and the basic materials. To that, you add a price per page and any enhancements, such as clear wallets, a bookmark ruler and a whiteboard.

Prices shown in our printed guide reflect the most you could pay, subject to minimum order quantities. Look out for our offers and discounts throughout the year!

Our service also includes all the help and support needed to produce the ideal product for your school or group, including how to proceed in the most cost-effective way. Speak to an advisor today and see what we can do for you.

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