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Rewards And Sanction Systems

ppl-18-06How do you reward your students for good behaviour? Do you have a system in place that recognises their hard work and achievement? If your school isn’t focusing on this as a priority, you may be missing out a key part of your behavioural management policies.

Whole-school reward systems provide a structured system, which is essential for young children to learn the importance of striving to better themselves. By focusing on implementing a system across the entire school, you provide a consistent and fair approach that considers the personal achievements of every student. The most effective way to do this is by creating fully customised rewards pages for your students’ school planners.

Customised reward systems are also a great way to increase parental engagement. Parents love a fair and structured reward system, as it gets students excited about learning; after all, isn’t teacher-guided learning the entire purpose of a school education?

Unique school systems
Trying to fit your school’s unique systems and policies (and students) into another school’s behavioural management policies is like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Your rewards system should tailored to fit your needs – not the other way around. Fully customised school planner pages enable you to get creative with your rewards. You could even build other systems into your rewards record pages; consider awarding your students with certificates or small prizes for achieving certain milestones. If you choose the right print company, the options can be limitless.

Merits, credits, and house points
Small, incremental rewards in the form of merits, credits, and house points are a great way to demonstrate the value of hard work and achievement to a child. If you give these to your students in their planner, they’ll always have it to hand, and feel a real sense of pride in their school planner. They’ll also be less likely to deface and damage their planners if they hold a record of their achievements.

There are several ways to do this. You could get your students to colour in a star for each merit they are awarded, although you may find that this loses its significance with older students, who may realise that they can colour these in without being asked to do so. Your teaching staff could sign each merit to prove their authenticity, but this is time-consuming and isn’t particularly engaging for your students.

Stampers and stickers
Stampers and stickers are a great solution for reward systems. Stickers are particularly engaging for younger students. You can design your customised rewards pages around any stamps or stickers that you choose to use.

ppl-18-01aReading awards
If your school has a particular focus on reading, either at home or in the school building, you can reinforce reading as a positive behaviour with customised reading awards. Children love to receive these, and they have an even greater impact when included as part of their school planner. You can save on printing costs, too – no more photocopying.

Sanctions are a tricky subject to tackle. Whether or not a school should put permanent records of student sanctions in their school planners is something that has to be decided on a case-by-case basis. They can be a powerful home-school communication tool, but, if sanctions aren’t implemented in the right way, it could lead to children tearing out the page.

If your school has a particular focus on behaviour management, you can stop your students from tearing out their sanction pages by printing rewards on one side of the page, and sanctions on the other. Students are much less willing to tear out or deface the page if it also has a record of their positive achievement.

Whatever your needs, The School Planner Company produces high-quality, 100% customised school planners designed to meet your school’s unique requirements.

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