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Customised SEN Planners

The School Planner Company also works with SEN schools to design and create planners that are tailored to support SEN students, their teachers, parents, and carers. In addition to sections that cover school policy and timetables, our library of page ideas also includes templates for learning and support and communication guidance that may be relevant to SEN pupils.

Communication Support

These pages can cover a range of topics, from assisting somebody with physical disability to communicating with people who have a degree of hearing loss. If there aren’t pages in our library that specifically address the needs of your school just let us know, and we can create something that works for you.

Learning Support

Not all schools deliver the curriculum in the same way, so rather than using generic information in your planners, we’d prefer to work with you to create content that is both relevant and useful in support your staff and pupils. Whether this is implementing a system that promotes strong home-school communication, or pages that are very student-focused, we’re completely flexible on what goes into your planner.

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