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What Is A Customised Student Planner?

If you were to run an Internet search for the benefits of using a daily planner to help manage your time, you’d see myriad articles that confirm strong time management and organisational tools boost productivity as well as promote mental wellbeing. In the school setting, this translates to encouraging students to be proactive in managing both their time and education, as well as facilitating strong home-school communications. To make the best of these benefits, we provide complete customisation for planners and will work with you to create a planner that is the perfect fit for your school and its pupils.

What is a customised student planner?At The School Planner Company, we want to make sure that you, the customer, understands what is meant by a truly customised planner.

We realise that no two schools are the same, whether they are primary, secondary, or sixth form. Students have different priorities and teachers have a vast amount of policies that they are subject to; we believe that a planner should reflect this in its content. Rather than present you with a set of generic pages, we want to help you create planners that work for you. Our library of ideas includes an array of pages that you can choose from as a template to then tailor to your needs.

An example of some of the pages include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Intro pages
  • School policies
  • Details on support/PSHE
  • Subject-specific references
  • Homework recording
  • Rewards/praise system
  • School-home communication
  • Career planning
  • UCAS information

We can also colour code pages at no extra cost, so particular sections can easily located when they are needed; this works well for school policy pages that you may need to refer to.

The benefits of customised student planners.

We have been helping schools create customised student planners for over fifteen years. In which time we have received some fantastic feedback and gained a real insight into what schools consider to be the day-to-day benefits of a customised student planner.

1) The Homework Diary Section Is Guaranteed To Work

Not all schools set homework in exactly the same way. Some set numerous pieces of homework a week, some just a few, some none – and some practice a flipped classroom.

Generic, or partly customised student planners can’t possibly reflect this. But with a fully customised student planner, we will design your homework section to your exact requirements, so it works perfectly for your school.

2) They Can Showcase A School’s Ethos And Pedagogy

Every school has it’s own unique mix of needs and preferences; its own ethos, values, and pedagogy.

A customised student planner is an ideal place to promote your school brand among your students. We can design a front cover that uses your school colours and badge, or pictures of your students.  Many of our customers feature a page about their values and vision on the first page of their planners, to ensure that all students and parents are kept informed on what is expected at the school.

Customised student planners can be a fantastic branding tool when an Academy Trust orders as a group. They are a perfect way to create a ‘family’ brand for the academy trust, whilst simultaneously celebrating the uniqueness of each academy within.

3)  They Support Behaviour Management

Student planners can be used to support behaviour management. Classroom policies can be really useful to set out an exact guideline of what is expected of students whilst they are in class.

Many schools feature an acceptable behaviour contract at the beginning of their planners, which they refer to throughout the school year to remind their students what they have agreed to. They can also be used to monitor low-level behaviour issues.

4) They Can Simplify Home-School Communication

Parental engagement is vital, but not all enquiries require a phone call to the school office. It is easy to implement a home-school communication strategy into a customised student planner.

Customised student planners allow schools to introduce a simple method of home-school communication. Pages can be included which let parents and teachers communicate in a practical, non-intrusive way.

5) They Can Become A Useful Resource In Lessons

With a little planning and preparation, student planners can become really useful resources in lessons. We can include subject support pages on any topic, which provide reference material without having to print off reams of paper and worksheets.

Many of our customers plan the subject pages they include in their planners around the topics they teach each year. They are then able to ask their students to refer to a fact sheet or worksheet in their planners during lesson.