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Full colour student planner sections

Pre-printed, full colour sections to boost your student planner. Attractive, vibrant pages make a planner more appealing to students and our pre-printed sections contain pages that are much more beneficial in colour, such as maps and the periodic table.

Full colour homework section

Full colour standard homework diary section

Containing dated pages for 47 weeks, this full colour 96-page homework recording section adds colour and vibrancy to your planner, and is suitable for all ages. A single-page year calendar is also included, and months are made clear by use of a variety of colours. A5 only.

The design of this section can only be changed at an additional cost.

If you have specific homework recording page requirements, we can create customised homework diary pages for you.

Full colour personal section

Full colour personal section

This full colour 32-page section provides an engaging, colourful boost to your planner. Encouraging students to develop forward planning skills, it also has space for recording useful information and includes a full map section.

This section includes:

  • 13 monthly calendars
  • 2 sides of eco-living tips
  • 2 sides for useful websites
  • 5 sides for notes
  • A periodic table
  • A table of conversions
  • 8-page Map Section
Full colour map section

8 Page Planner Map Section

Contains maps of the world, the United Kingdom and Europe, as well as a page about every planet in the Solar System. This section is also included in the full colour personal section, but works effectively as a section on its own if required.