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Get the most from your customised planner covers

primary-cover-examples-14When looking for school planners, have you considered the importance of a good cover design? Pre-printed designs have little to say about your school identity, and may lead to your students and their families becoming disassociated with your planners and disinterested in following the school systems that they are intended to implement.

A fully customised cover design gives you the opportunity to make a statement about your school’s vision and your community’s values. A good cover design is also multi-functional, making the most of the space. Choose a reputable design company, and you can get your planner cover designed to your exact specifications and printed on high-quality, durable stock.

Front cover design
Before you begin, you need to consider what your cover should say about your school. You could use your cover to demonstrate your school’s role in the wider community by including photographs of your school buildings or hard-working students. Illustrative designs are particularly engaging for your younger students. Ensure that your planner covers communicate something positive or exciting about your school, as they will be seen by the wider school community.

You also need to consider your school’s brand. Simple, clean illustrative designs based around your school logo are an effective branding decision, and make it simple and easy to create multiple editions of your school planners.

Why create multiple editions?
Whether you want to include different content for each year group or key stage, or use your cover to represent your school’s various houses or sets, you will need multiple planner editions. High-quality print services will offer this option free of charge. Consider changing the colour of each edition’s cover to make them instantly recognisable, or incorporate the logo of each house or set into your covers’ designs.

Policies and timetables
Your planner’s covers will be printed on durable card, and, as they’re the first and last page of your planner, they’re easy to access. This means that they’re the ideal place to print school policies and student timetables. Customised school planners give you the opportunity to make the most of this space, which is usually left blank in a pre-printed planner design.

If you want your students to write their names on the front cover, or if you want to include a timetable on the inside front or back cover, you need to consider what lamination to choose. Gloss lamination looks attractive and can be more resilient, but it can also be difficult to write on. Matt lamination still offers great protection to your planner, but it can be easily written on with a ballpoint pen or biro.

Some print companies will even offer you the option to customise this completely; for example, you could opt for gloss lamination on the outside front cover to increase the appeal of your front cover design, and matt lamination on the inside to make it possible for students to write on their timetable.

You can even use your school planners as a proactive educational tool in the classroom. Your planner’s covers can be designed and laminated as a dry-wipe miniature whiteboard, which has an endless number of possibilities in the classroom.

The School Planner Company allows you to make your cover into a whiteboard for free.

When creating a customised planner cover, you have to consider wear and tear. Many planners fall apart or are heavily damaged before the end of the school year. Heavy-duty polypropylene outer covers are the most cost-effective and durable protection available for your planners.

The School Planner Company creates high-quality, 100% customised planners. Request a free sample pack or visit our Online Library of Page Ideas to find out more.