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Glossary of Useful Planner Terms


Feeling a little stumped by terms used when describing planners?

Planner and homework diary sizes:

A4 – 210 x 297mm – an ideal size for planners for teachers and visually impaired students.
A5 – 148 x 210mm – our most popular size of student planner.
A6 – 105 x 148mm – 6th form students really like this size of planner.
B5 – 176 x 250mm – in-between A4 and A5 size!

Base price – the base price for our planners and homework diaries includes all design work, binding, covers and delivery. The pages and any planner enhancements are then added on to the base price.

Bespoke – our customised student, teacher and primary planners are tailored to your requirements. There aren’t any restrictions on the number of pages, or the information you’d like to include.

Binding – our plastic coil binding is our most popular binding style, but there are many other planner binding options also available to suit your needs.

Bleed – pages and covers which have graphics, images or colours that go right to the edge of the page need to include a bleed. A bleed is the image on the page, extended by 3mm. This ensures that there won’t be white lines at the edge of the designs after the pages are trimmed.

Coil – the most durable binding style. We guarantee our coil binding to last the school year!* It is a very flexible plastic binding, which keeps its shape and won’t cut or tear the paper. *when subjected to normal wear and tear (barring intentional acts of destruction!)

Collations – the order of the pages in the planner/homework diary, and the colours of the paper/card which the pages are printed onto.

DIY – print-ready planner files, which you can supply to us to print, bind and deliver for you.

Edition – most schools have more than one edition of planner, for example, for each Key Stage or house. There is no extra cost to have multiple editions of your planner!

Filofax style – these flexible, modern binders are made from frosted polypropylene. Loose leaf planner pages are inserted, and the poly binder folds around the planner to fasten at the front.

Generic – we also offer pre-printed generic student and teacher planners, which come in various sizes and layouts. These are available to order from our website, and are ideal for individual orders.

Gloss lamination – our gloss lamination is great for planner covers with pictures or images. We also use this lamination to create wipeable whiteboards for our planners.

Lamination – our planner and homework diary covers are printed onto 300gsm card and are laminated to make them strong and long-lasting.

Library – we have libraries of page ideas for primary, secondary and teacher planners. These are full of editable page ideas, which are brilliant for inspiration!

Loose leaf – loose planner pages which we supply punched, ready for insertion into your own binders.

Map section – our pre-printed map section comprises 8 pages of maps in full colour – including solar system, UK, Europe and World maps.

Matt laminationmatt lamination is perfect for covers which need to be written onto – for example for names and classes to be completed, or for timetables to be filled in.

Perfect – a binding style where pages are adhered into the spine of the planner cover.

Personal section – a pre-printed section of 32 full colour pages. This includes monthly calendars, pages for recording useful information, a periodic table, a conversions chart, and our 8-page map section.

Planner – there are many other terms and uses for student planners, including homework diary, logbook, home-school book and reading record.

Polypropylene (poly) – these thick (750 micron), translucent plastic outer covers are included in the base price of our coil and wiro planners. They are bound at the front and back of the planners over the customised covers, protecting the planners throughout the year.

Proof – a copy of the planner, which we send to you once your initial design has been created by the designers in our studio. Further changes can be made to the proof, and you can see further, revised proof copies until you are happy to approve the final planner design.

ProofHQ – this is the name of our brilliant online proofing system. Through this system, you can view, amend and approve your planner proofs online – saving both time and paper! Any of your colleagues who also need to view and amend the proofs can be sent the proofs too, and you can all make comments on the planners at the same time. You can also attach any files of information for the planners to the comment boxes.

Proofreading – all of our customised planners are professionally proofread after being designed, which is included in the base price.

Ring-bound – these high-quality white PVC binders are ideal for our loose leaf planner pages. The customised planner covers are inserted into a clear sleeve on the front of the binder.

Square-backsquare-back binding is a type of staple binding, where the planners have spines and the inside pages are stapled together. This style would be used instead of staple binding for planners with over 20 pages.

Standard homework recording section – our 96-page full colour standard homework recording section is our pre-printed diary section for student planners. This is suitable for all ages, and contains a week per view diary layout running from August–July (except the week of Christmas) and a single-page calendar.

Staple bound – this binding style is used for small booklets or reading records with less than 20 pages, where staples hold the pages together.

Stop/go cardsstop/go cards are red/orange/green cards which can be bound into the planner. They can also be printed with any text you like. They’re often used by students to let the teachers know how they’re getting on in lessons, or to show answers to questions.

Studio – this is the area where all of our designers work to create bespoke planners to your specifications.

Top-up – if student or staff numbers increase during the year, or just not enough planners were ordered initially, then we’re able to print additional copies. These top-up orders can be made throughout the school year. If 20 or more primary planners, 10 or more teacher planners or 50 or more secondary planners are ordered, the price will stay the same as the original order.

Wallet – these clear wallets can be bound into planners, with openings at the top. These are great for holding loose leaves of paper, such as letters home!

Whiteboard – our wipeable planner whiteboards (which are free of charge to have on the planner cover) are an excellent tool. These can be used by the whole class simultaneously, for example, to write down answers to group questions, and also by individual students to record their ideas, for planning work or for jotting down lesson notes.

Wiro – this is a durable metal binding style made of heavy gauge steel wire. Our metal wiro binding has two loops per hole to prevent pages tearing on the wire.

Have you got a question about student, teacher or primary planners? Give our friendly team a call on 01480 410432, or email [email protected]