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Using School Policy Pages In Your Planners

If you’ve created a fully customised student planner that’s specific to your school systems and incorporates your school policies, your students will be using them every day. Their planners will always be to hand; you can take advantage of this by including high-quality subject-specific reference pages.

ppl-02-02A fully customised student planner is the ideal place to include information about your school policies. Reinforce your school policies and ensure that all of your students know exactly what is expected of them.

Your school is unique
Just like your students, your policies are unique to your school and the way that you work. Pre-printed school policy pages just don’t make sense in this context. Customise your student planners from cover to cover, and you can full have control over what you include. The School Planner Company allows you to send your school policies over in any format; your text will be used to create professionally designed pages that fit the overall theme of your planners and school branding.

Home-school communication
Sometimes, it can be difficult to convey your policies to your students’ families; however, if you incorporate your student planners as a part of everyday home-school communication, parents will have all the information they need to know at their fingertips.

Permanent reference book
You can reserve a portion of your school planners to be used as a reference guide for school policies. This is a great alternative to spending money and time printing and handing out lengthy letters and communications.

If you print your policy pages on a specific colour of paper, you can make them quick and easy to find. The School Planner Company will print your planner pages on high-quality coloured paper free of charge; printing on coloured paper doesn’t incur additional charges. You might want to consider colour coding your diary section. Click here if you want to know more about creating an effective, fully customised diary section, or click here to learn why you should include subject-specific pages in your student planners.

ppl-02-01bIncrease engagement
Your school policies can be used as form of lasting contract between the school, the student, and the parent. It’s a great idea to include a home-school agreement in your student planners, with space for everybody to sign. If your school has specific systems in place, such as guided reading, you can ask parents to sign against them to ensure that they honour that commitment.

Safeguard pupils
As we enter a largely digital age, keeping your pupils safe from the dangers of the Internet and protecting them from cyberbullying is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s especially difficult to help students keep safe while they’re not at school. Internet and computer safety pages are especially useful for this purpose.

Anti-bullying pages can serve a dual purpose; firstly, they can help to enforce your anti-bullying expectations, but they can also provide students with a list of people or places that they can go to if they need help. If this is printed in their planners, your students will always have this important information to hand when they need it.

What else should you include?
Many schools find it useful to outline their school expectations on a single page. A visual representation, such as a set of traffic lights, helps younger students to absorb and process these expectations. You could also include a set of “Golden” rules or your school’s code of conduct.

School uniform pages are essential, as they ensure that your students’ parents will send their children to school with the right uniform on the right days. Don’t forget to outline your PE days and expected PE kit.

Other information, such as the timings of the school day, a “What to do if” list, and a valuable items policy are also useful to include. Ensure that you include all of the relevant information that you need your students (and their parents) to know about. A list of marking codes is useful for older students to ensure they can track their own progress.

The School Planner Company creates high-quality, 100% customised planners. Request a free sample pack or visit our Online Library of Page Ideas to find out more.

The School Planner Company creates high-quality, 100% customised planners. Request a free sample pack or visit our Online Library of Page Ideas to find out more.