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Lesson And Forward Planning

No matter what level you’re teaching, or what subject, planning lessons for your students forms part of a vital roadmap that ensures they are following the curriculum and getting the most out of their time in the classroom.[

For many teachers, this can take up an extraordinary amount of time depending on how they plan, which is mostly down to individual preference. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that will support all teachers, so we offer total flexibility over creation of lesson planning pages. If you’re inspired by pages in our library but they’re not quite right for you, we can make edits at no extra cost. Alternatively, our designers are able to put together a completely bespoke page based on your requirements for a truly customised planning solution. 

Newly qualified teachers may find that they want to include pages that refer to the school’s curriculum, or, more broadly, frameworks for lesson planning that they were implementing while training (of course, this can also be a handy reference for more experienced teachers to have easily available). We’ve created pages that detail the OFSTED criteria for the Four Phase Learning Experience, which many teachers have found useful to have to hand when planning lessons to help them keep their lessons on track, as well as pages breaking these phases down into sections for a more in-depth reference for teachers.

You can also include other reference pages that focus on teaching styles, learning outcomes, and much more, depending on the subject/level you’re teaching and how much support in planning you need for lessons. Our aim is to have an all-in-one solution that streamlines the planning process for teachers without having to continually refer to other materials.

Daily lesson plans themselves can be as structured or freeform as you like. If you have many classes in one day, it may be useful to have a two-page spread that gives an overview of your day as well as a more in-depth space for lesson planning. If you use a two-week or alternative timetable, we can also add a watermark to your pages so you can easily distinguish what you’re planning ahead for.

Breaking down lesson plans into more detail can also be useful to teachers that are following specific parts of the curriculum, or working in SEN schools. This can be as simple as tick boxes to mark off when you’ve covered visual, aural, and verbal learning, or separate spaces to make more detailed notes.

Forward planning can mean a number of things to different teachers, which is why we offer complete customisation in all of our planners. Our library of page ideas includes a number of ready-made templates to give you some inspiration; alternatively we can design you a bespoke forward planning solution that works best for you. As an idea of what you can do with forward planning, here are some template suggestions.

Termly Planning

If you find that making too many notes on planning is detrimental to getting things sorted in your mind, it can be useful to have just one page with two columns: one for the class name or number, and a second column for an overall objective or theme for that class. It can be useful to have an overview of what you’re focusing on for a particular term that can be referred to when planning lessons later on.

Page Per Month

A summary of each month with a line or two to make notes of important events or notable dates can be another useful section to include in your planner to act as an at-a-glance reference for upcoming dates and events that you might need to remember (and prepare for).


Alternatively, if you prefer to just highlight dates, you can opt for a page that has the entire school year mapped out in calendar form, with key dates highlighted. You can also include a reference or key for these dates, depending on your requirements, and you can even add calendars for the next academic year for an even wider overview of upcoming dates.

Daily Planning

Here’s where customised planners really come into their own, as we can work with you to create daily pages that are completely tailored to your requirements. Pages can be structured with columns and rows, or left more blank with just the date so you can use your own notation as a form of planning. Maybe you know you’ll have a specifically busy week that will require a bit more structure: in that case, you can request to have a certain period of time with a slightly different page design to support any extra planning you may need to be taking note of.

If you have other commitments outside of the classroom, for example, monitoring after-school or lunchtime activities, we can also include space to record these details.