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Lexden Springs (SEN)


Lexden Springs is an SEN school based in North Essex, near Colchester. Working with The School Planner Company, they requested bespoke content that allows teachers to support students effectively, while also maintaining a meaningful dialogue with parents and carers. In fact, 94% of surveyed parents at the school said customised pages helped them better understand their child’s day at school and 89% feel confident that they could use the planner to communicate any issues with their child’s teacher(s).  

Staff at Lexden Springs also find benefits in the students’ bespoke planners. Teacher Nicola said “The key content is the space available for home to use to let us know how the pupil’s night has gone so we can be aware of this when addressing their needs.” Other teachers surveyed cited space for comments as one of the most useful inclusions in their planners. To read more about bespoke SEN planners and how they can support the unique methods of your school and its students, visit here.