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Library of Planner Page Ideas

Using our library of page ideas is simple. You can either use them as they are, or request changes to make them more relevant for your planner.

Once you have received your library of page ideas, you’ll find it is broken down into easy to find sections that cover general school information, homework planning, subject-specific references, rewards systems, and pages for home-school communication. There are variants in the contents of the page library depending on if you are putting together a student or teacher planner. There is also the option to access the library digitally if you would prefer printable copies of the pages to make your own notes. 

Each page idea has a unique reference number; once you’ve made a note of the pages you want, you send these to us for the design process. If you have changes to be added, you can supply these to us by either making physical annotations and scanning the pages in, or noting the change in an email. Information designed to be spread over two pages is labelled with a and b after the reference number, though you do not have to follow this format.
There is no additional charge for changes to pages in the ideas library, and there is no limit to the amount of pages that you can have in your planner.

Access the library of page ideas online…

Your text pages will be printed in black ink, and you can choose whether to print these onto white paper or a selection of coloured paper.

We can also print pages in full colour onto white paper if you feel this will enhance their impact, though the cost of doing this is slightly higher.

Full Colour Planners

If you wish to have large sections, or even the whole planner, printed in full colour then we recommend you call our team of advisors on 01480 410432 to plan the most cost-effective way forward.