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Will Our Planners Last The School Year?


Our planners use a wealth of materials that are built to last the day-to-day demands for an entire academic year.

We guarantee our coil binding to last the school year (barring intentional acts of destruction!). It is a very flexible plastic binding and kind to planner pages.

The low-down on planner cover lamination

Covers are printed onto 300gsm card and are gloss or matt laminated (easier to write on) for strength and longevity. A colour cover (which can be printed in black ink on the reverse) is included in the base cost. You can have full colour both sides at an extra 10p per planner.

Planner cover gloss laminationGloss lamination

Whiteboard planner covers will be gloss laminated, as this allows them to be written on with a dry wipe marker pen.



Planner cover matt laminationMatt lamination

Matt lamination is used if you require students to write onto the cover in permanent ballpoint pen. This space could be used for personalisation or their timetable, for example.



plastic coil planner bindingPlastic coil (spiral bound) binding system

Plastic coil binding is the most popular and durable binding system. Highly flexible, it retains its shape and will not cut or tear the paper like metal spiral equivalents.

We guarantee our coil binding to last the school year!* It is a very flexible plastic binding.
*when subjected to normal wear and tear (barring intentional acts of destruction!)

Plastic coil binding is basically a spiral threaded through punched holes in the planner. The benefits of coil or spiral binding are:

  • Planners lay completely flat when open
  • Kind to planner pages – won’t rip or tear from the bind
  • Pages move freely over the plastic’s smooth surface
  • The coils can be bent, crushed and twisted, yet the book will still return to its original shape