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How Could I Use Multiple Editions?

Unlike many other companies, we allow you to create multiple editions of your planner. There are no extra charges for doing this.

If you choose to create multiple editions, you don’t have to recycle the same content. Each edition can be precisely tailored to your needs, or you could just change the cover design; it’s your choice.

You have complete control over the design, binding, and lamination of each edition, so you can adapt them to meet each cohort’s individual needs.

Year group
Many schools choose to create a different planner edition for each year group. By creating a different edition for each year group, you afford yourself flexibility, as subject content and policies differ between year groups.

If you do choose include subject-specific pages in your student planners, it’s easy to select age-appropriate content from our Online Library of Page Ideas (all of which are fully customisable). You can also supply your own page ideas; we’ll do all of the design work for you.

If your school has a house system, you can give each house’s planner a flavour of their identity with unique cover designs. You could choose to include logos that embody each house’s motto, a photo of common rooms or house areas, or change the colour scheme to match each house’s branding.

Consider adding pages that explain each house’s origins, or provide this information inside the front cover. If key school systems – such as timetables – differ between houses, you can easily add this information to your planners.

Age group
If you have multiple age groups in your school – for example, primary, secondary, and sixth form – you can create multiple editions to suit their individual needs.

With a fully customised planner, it’s easy to combine spelling books, reference sheets, and any other materials you use on a day-to-day basis into one resource.

Alternatively, you could split these into multiple editions; for example, you could create a fully customised weekly test book that supports school or departmental processes.

If your school allocates a smaller budget towards your younger pupils’ planners, you can take advantage of our fully customised multiple editions by mixing and matching binding styles. For example, some schools choose stapled square-back binding for their younger students, and hard-wearing, durable coil binding for their older students.

Bear in mind that some features, such as stop/go cards and bound-in plastic wallets, are not available in square-back or perfect bound planners.

Diary section
Ask yourself what each cohort would want from their customised diary section. If you’re splitting your planners into editions based on year group, your older students may want more space to write homework or coursework, while your younger students may benefit from additional space for home-school communication.

With the School Planner Company, you can turn your back cover into a gloss-laminated whiteboard for free. Whiteboards are a fantastic classroom resource for younger students, but older students that have more control over where they need to be may prefer to have a timetable printed on their back cover.