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Choosing A Cover For Your Planners

Make your student and teacher planner cover vibrant and engaging. Your cover may need to follow your school’s branding so that it matches other literature and your school website.

Add a splash of colour and the following three essentials to achieve a cover that everyone will love!

Planner cover brandingYour School Logo

99% of covers use the school logo as the main focus. The logo is often placed at the top of the cover, or as part of the background. Some schools use their logo throughout the inside pages of the planner too.

Our designers can use colours and elements from your logo within the cover design as well as the logo itself and set the covers in your school colours.

Remember to supply the largest print-quality version of your logo you have available.



Photos and student artworkPhotos and student artwork

If you have photos of your school buildings, photos taken during school activities or photos of students’ work available to use, these can be very effective on the front or back covers. You could grid or tile photos in different ways depending on your other artwork.

Particularly for primary schools and specialist art schools – original student artwork looks great on planner covers.



Multiple planner editionsColour code your planner covers

Use colour to differentiate between different editions of your planners, or for different houses – particularly if you have vertical tutoring. The actual artwork can be the same, but with a different colour scheme or border on each version. Don’t forget – with SPC, you can create different editions at no extra cost.