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Pre-Populating Planners With Important Dates

With a traditional, non-customised planner, it’s not really possible to include all of your important dates and events. With a fully customised planner, you can let your your students’ parents know what’s going on ahead of time. Rather than wasting time and money printing endless letters and updates about goings-on throughout the school year, you can include these events directly in your students’ planners.

Improve home-school communication
Parents like to be kept informed about their child’s school life. In addition to providing them with this information, you also give them the ability to prepare for events well ahead of time; for example, they could pay for school trips well before the due date.

Decide what to include
You need to have a clear idea of what dates you want to include in your planner. Term dates are especially useful; while every good customised diary section will only contain pages for the weeks you teach, it’s also useful to give parents a single-page overview of the entire school year.

Other popular choices include relevant religious holidays, bank holidays, school trips, parents’ evening, school performances, and weekly events such as dinner money day or PE days.

What do parents need to know?
If you haven’t yet finalised any of these dates, you won’t want to print them in your planner, as it will confuse parents. A good alternative is to include a bound-in plastic wallet in your planner; you can print off important dates that you aren’t yet sure of, and add them to the plastic wallets later in the year. Click here for more information about bound-in plastic wallets and to find out other ways of adding more value to your planner

Send in any important dates
You can send any important dates to your personal account manager, who will sort out the rest. There’s no need to send The School Planner Company your information in any particular format; we regularly receive dates from schools in the form of official letters, emails, spreadsheets, or any other format you can think of.

Now that you’ve decided upon and sent in your important dates, you need to decide how you want them to be used in your planner.

Dates and events page
Many schools opt for a simple, uncluttered design that displays all of their important dates and events on a single page. This is especially useful for your students’ families, as they can see what events are coming up throughout the year and plan accordingly. It also takes up very little space in your planner.

Weekly reminder page
It’s a great idea to include a weekly reminder page before your diary section. Include any information that your students and their parents will need to remember on a weekly basis; for example, you might teach PE on a specific day each week and need students to bring in their PE kits.

Day-by-day events
With a fully customised planner, you can even include your dates and events in your diary section, regardless of your chosen design. If your school has a lot of dates interspersed throughout the academic year, this might be the best option.

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