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Rewards and Praise Systems

With a wealth of experience in creating praise systems, we can help you develop an effective praise system for your school. You could incorporate this into your student planners, or create a separate publication dedicated to recording achievements and rewards. Sanctions and discipline records can also be created.

Students tend to look after the planner more carefully if it contains a record of all the rewards they have earned. It is our recommendation that the planner, wherever possible, remains a positive record. Recording sanctions in the planner can lead to pages being torn out, or a lower perceived opinion of it and the initiatives being delivered through it. However, where schools have needed to focus on behaviour as a high priority, they have seen very good results by having merits on one side of a page, with sanctions on the other!

Merit Stickers

Customised stickers designed to meet your exact requirements, supporting rewards and achievement policies in school.

  • Variety of options available – print in black ink onto white or coloured stickers, or in full colour
  • Strong, high-quality self-adhesive stickers
  • 3 standard sizes available – custom sizes available on request
  • Produced on sheets or rolls for easy distribution to staff
  • Expertly designed to your exact specification

Praise Cards and Certificates

High-quality customised praise cards and certificates, designed to be used with merit stickers, or as a stand-alone praise system.

  • Variety of options available – print in black ink onto white or coloured card, or in full colour
  • 150gsm high-quality card
  • A5, A6 and A4 sizes available
  • Designed by our expert team to meet your exact specifications